Wednesday, November 06, 2013

What Questions to Ask when you go for a Cloud Offering?

In Today's IT world in every corner you hear about Cloud Computing and most of the Organizations already started to validate the Cloud Offerings and few of them already adopted the Cloud Computing and some are in progress even now when I am writing this post.

I recently came across this Question What Questions to Ask when you go for a Cloud Offering? because this decides your long term goal of moving the services to Cloud which eventually requires proper planning , validation, adoption and post upgrade support and management without compromising on Security. Today there are many providers outside in the IT world who started to provide their Cloud Offerings than ever before and now every major Organizations who once were supporting Infrastructure and Application services now jumped in to this Cloud Offerings with their Cloud Hosting Infrastructure and started to provide various enhanced options in comparison with one another not only in terms of Cost, and Service up time there are many other key features which makes them unique to adopt their offerings amongst the established ones.

There are Already Cloud Computing giants like Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, BMC, OpenStack, Rackspace and much more to add up and many other new bees in the Market and when it comes to choose the one for your requirement never restrict yourself by choosing the one which every other company you know is adopting and tend to loose the benefits that other competitor provides in their Offerings which you may require in future and it might not be available with the current service provider you are about to adopt and you can't switch to the new Provider at a later stage for this cause which makes your service availability or future plans at stake.

Let's come to our answer I read 3 excellent articles which sums up the Questions to be asked when you choose a Cloud offering and I believe these covers the major ones required and you can add your own along with it and evaluate the answers received from multiple vendors who approaches you or you are about to approach to get things clarified prior hand and have a smooth transition.

Check these articles 

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