Friday, March 10, 2023

Microsoft Secure Digital Event - Register Now!

Microsoft Security team is hosting a new digital event next month March 28, 2023 designed for Security Professionals.

Access the blog post here: Learn what an AI-driven future means for cybersecurity at Microsoft Secure

Register here: Microsoft Secure 

Microsoft Azure Connected Learning Experience (CLX)

Microsoft Azure Connected Learning Experience (CLX) is an experiential training program that sets a trajectory for aspiring learners and working professionals to be Azure experts. The CLX program offers a personalized journey that aims to optimize learning experience while maximizing return on time invested. 

The journey is divided into four steps to facilitate effective learning:

Access here to know more and register soon: Microsoft Azure Connected Learning Experience (CLX) 

This is a great resource to prepare for few of the Azure Certifications and you can review the Azure Certification guide below and utilize the learning resources to support your Certification Journey

Download here: Microsoft Azure training and certifications

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Saturday, March 04, 2023

Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity training and certifications Guide

Microsoft Security team has published Microsoft Security training and certifications guide which is designed to outline the training and certification options and available resources that can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Friday, March 03, 2023

Data Loss Prevention: From on-premises to cloud E-book

Data protection plays a major role in today's World for any Organization and each Organization has various strategies to protect their data from today's cyber attacks. Having a clear understanding on the data landscape and properly planning and implementing Data loss protection can secure your Organization.

Microsoft Security team has published a great write-up on the Data Loss Prevention strategy and how we can secure the environment in the evolving landscape.

Download here: Data Loss Prevention: From on-premises to cloud E-book 

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Microsoft Intune Suite

Microsoft Intune has introduced the Microsoft Intune Suite this week which unifies mission-critical advanced endpoint management and security solutions into one simple bundle.

You can access the Official announcement here: The Microsoft Intune Suite fuels cyber safety and IT efficiency

A quick introduction video here: Introducing Microsoft Intune Suite

Access here for list of Microsoft Intune Suite content links with more updates : Introducing the new Microsoft Intune Suite

Access Microsoft Mechanics Video here: New Microsoft Intune Suite with Privilege Management, Advanced Analytics, Remote Help & App VPN

To know more attend the upcoming Tech Accelerator sessions including Ask Me Anything ( AMA) Sessions.

RSVP here: Tech Accelerator: Microsoft Intune Suite

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Microsoft Purview upcoming Webinars

Microsoft Security team is hosting couple of new Webinars this month on Microsoft Purview register soon.

Register here: Data Security - Microsoft Purview Information Protection vs. Defender for Cloud Apps

Register here: Microsoft Purview – the End-to-End story for governing your data estate