Sunday, April 06, 2014

Additional Office 365 CNAME record!!!

I was reading few vital articles and requirements on Exchange Hybrid deployment to wrote a new blog post on the topic which I promised for readers a while ago in my earlier post where I referenced the Exchange 2013 Hybrid Help file. Let's come to our topic, while reading I took a look at the External DNS record requirements for Office 365 and found a new CNAME record named MSOID was added recently and I did not get a chance to see this record till today unfortunately and also did not created this record on the Hybrid Environment I manage and while reading more on this new requirement I was amazed to know this record is quite a vital one which is needed to speed up the authentication response time for users based on their location with O365 Identity platform and Microsoft made it a Mandate one now and I will be planning for a new change and doing this soon on my environment, sharing this here for you so that you can take a look at this and add it to your External DNS if not added till date.

Below is the quick preview:

Review the Need for the Record here : What’s the purpose of the additional Office 365 CNAME record?

Review the updated External DNS requirements here: External DNS records for Office 365

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