Saturday, September 03, 2022

Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online Update !

Starting October 1st  Microsoft will start to turn off basic authentication for specific protocols in Exchange Online for customers who are still using them .

Many Organizations following the last announcement started to make recommended changes in their environment, but some of the organizations are not yet prepared and few Organizations are on the journey and still need time to accommodate the changes,  and to aid this Microsoft team published the updated article this week providing option for one time re-enablement , with this option customers will be able to use the self-service diagnostic to re-enable basic auth for any protocols they need, once per protocol starting this month so that in October Microsoft will not not disable the  Basic Auth for the protocols and they can use until December 2022, and during the first week of calendar year 2023, those protocols will be disabled for basic auth use permanently.

Refer the below article for more details : Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – September 2022 Update