Thursday, November 21, 2013

Office 365 Message Encryption Coming Soon!

Today we had official announcement from Microsoft O365 team over the new upcoming Office 365 Message Encryption feature, Message Encryption is not a new term as most of us are well aware over this for years and many of the Organizations still continue to use this mechanism for secure email exchange.
Microsoft team is now majorly concentrating on Security and Compliance, with the release of Exchange Server 2013 we have strong DLP features and the same available in O365 and also the new RMS feature introduced adds additional layer of Security for Collaborating with O365 and additionally now we have the Message Encryption feature getting added and this makes us to feel now O365 is becoming a better choice in terms of Compliance, Privacy and Security.

I am listing out few Vital blog posts from O365 Technical blog for you to read on the DLP and RMS features with O365 and we can proceed with the actual post for Message Encryption

Check these posts

Office 365 compliance controls: Data Loss Prevention

Collaborate confidently using Rights Management

Cloud Services you can trust: Security, Compliance, and Privacy in Office 365

Now get in to our Topic and take a look at the blog post over the upcoming release of Message Encryption, with E3 and E4 license you will get this for free along with Windows Azure RMS and for other plans you can acquire it for $2 per month included with Windows Azure RMS standalone service without any additional cost.

Introducing Office 365 Message Encryption: Send encrypted emails to anyone!

Additional Bytes

Check out the below latest post from WindowsITPro on the Topic from none other than our MVP Tony Redmond for some more additional information.

 Office 365 Message Encryption: Protect your email against the spooks

Microsoft team Announced the General availability of the Service today from FEB 19 2014.

Read the official announcement : Office 365 Message Encryption — now rolling out!

*Check the below TechTarget post to know how Azure RMS provides strong data protection explained clearly.

Azure RMS offers a simpler data protection alternative

*Finally, review the below TechNet Blog post to know complete information on this Message Encryption feature with guided walkthrough for implementation along Technical deep dive experience.

Office 365 Message Encryption (& Decryption) - Steps – Understanding, Purchase Options, Configuration, Branding & Use 

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