Sunday, July 31, 2016

Meetup Slides: Azure AD with Office 365 and Beyond!

I recently delivered a Meetup session on AzureAD in Chennai Microsoft Azure Group and had a great experience meeting fellow IT Pros in my region. I planned this session by beginning with the Basics and extend the discussion step by step towards the advanced features, and effectively shared my learning and real time experience with the participants and gained a lot of positive feedback.

Access the Meetup slides here: Azure AD with Office 365 and Beyond!

I would strongly encourage everyone to take active part in the Meetup events hosted in their regions by fellow Community members, This is the best place for you to share your learning and experience that puts you one level up in your career.

Azure Information Protection: Available in public preview now!

Following the announcement of Microsoft Azure Information Protection in June, Now Azure Information Protection is Available in public preview that  brings together Azure Rights Management (RMS) and classification and labeling technologies from Secure Islands.

This initial preview comprises two components:

  • An Azure management portal for the configuration and management of information protection policies, rules and labels.
  • An Azure Information Protection client for the consumption and enforcement of classification, labeling and protection policies across Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (2010/13/16).

Add-on Read: 

Also read the new Office Blog posts on Information protection for Office 365 and a related reference for Admins.

Make sure your download the Information protection for Office 365 Poster that helps you plan your information protection strategy based on the needs of your organization.

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

One of the most significant announcement for this month is the renaming of of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and the announcement of a new expanded EMS E5 plan. This change really makes sense with the current features available in the new plan.

Below are the change details,
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite becomes Enterprise Mobility + Security
    • a.    The existing Enterprise Mobility Suite becomes Enterprise Mobility + Security E3, with no change for existing EMS customers.
    • b.    A new expanded plan will be generally available in Q4 2016 and known as Enterprise Mobility + Security E5.
  • Azure Active Directory Premium
    • a.    The existing Azure AD Premium becomes Azure AD Premium P1, with no change for existing customers.
    • b.    Azure AD Premium P2, generally available later in Q3 2016, includes all the capabilities in Azure AD Premium P1 as well as the new Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management capabilities.
  • Azure Rights Management + Secure Islands becomes Azure Information Protection
    • a.    The existing Azure Rights Management Premium becomes Azure Information Protection Premium P1, generally available in Q4 2016, with no change for existing Azure RMS customers.
    • b.    The P2 offer adds automatic classification, on top of the manual classification, labeling and everything else included in P1.
Access the Official Blog post here: Introducing Enterprise Mobility + Security

Additionally, Microsoft Azure AD team recently announced the new step-by-step guided set up for Azure AD Premium. This helps Organizations to make sure they are getting the most from their Azure AD Premium subscription.


New Office 365 Network online community Public Preview

Microsoft team recently announced the public preview of the new Office 365 Network. With this movement Microsoft team is moving the Office 365 Network from yammer to their new Lithium platform. This change has generated mixed views from most of the existing members and Microsoft team is ready to hear your feedback and current Office 365 Network will permanently redirect to the new community starting September 1, 2016.

Go to the new Office 365 Network page here:

Access the Official Blog post here: Announcing the public preview of the new Office 365 Network online community

AzureAD News for the Month!

This month is quite significant for Azure AD with multiple announcements that made most of the customers delighted and this post is curating key ones in a single window with references.

Additionally, This Month we have a new Hybrid Identity and ADFS,  AzureAD Mailbag Series that answers important FAQs that exist today for most of of the customer using AD FS  in a Hybrid Idenity model with AzureAD.

AzureAD Mailbag: Hybrid Identity and ADFS

Azure D Mailbag: Hybrid Identity and ADFS Part 2

As AzureAD is evolving day by day, Expecting to see lot of new announcments in the upcoming months, stay tuned...

Grab your Free e-Books for this year!

Its time for us to grab the latest e-Books collection give away by Eric Ligman, Director - Sales Excellence MSFT

All of the e-Books are essential for every IT Pro to have handy and utilize the resources to excel in their career.

Access the Official Blog here and download the e-Books: FREE! That’s Right, I’m Giving Away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks again! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Auditing and Reporting in Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft team recently published a whitepaper detailing various auditing and reporting features available in Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This document also provides an overview of internal logging that is available to authorized Microsoft engineers for detection, analysis, troubleshooting, and providing Office 365 services.

Download here: Auditing and Reporting in Microsoft Office 365

Learn Azure in 5 Minutes with Microsoft TS2

I recently came across a new learning resource for Microsoft Azure from Microsoft TS2 (Technology, Strategy & Solutions) team by Rob Waggoner MSFT, on the US SMB&D TS2 Team Blogwhich is really great to understand key Azure components from Basic to Advanced through a quick 5 minute video session in series.

Currently we have about 28 videos in this series and the below blog is the Index of videos and the link to associated blog posts and periodically updated.

Access here: Azure in 5 Minutes

Monday, June 27, 2016

MVA Learning : What's New in PowerShell v5

Learn about the latest and greatest features that Microsoft has built into new PowerShell Version 5 with the latest Microsoft Virtual Academy course.

Explore the new features in PowerShell and much more with the below sessions,

1 | Introduction to PowerShell v5 -
Get an overview of the new features in PowerShell v5.

2 | Package Management
Learn what's new with package management in PowerShell v5.

3 | PowerShell v5 Security
Get the details on what's new with security in PowerShell v5.

4 | PowerShell v5 Debugging
Take a look at what's new with debugging in PowerShell v5.

5 | PowerShell Classes
Learn about classes in PowerShell v5.

6 | Just Enough Administration
Hear about the new Just Enough Administration feature in PowerShell v5.

7 | Desired State Configuration
Find out what's new with DSC in PowerShell v5.

Access the Course here: What's New in PowerShell v5

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Review the below post to get answers to Top 5 PowerShell FAQs of today,

PowerShell FAQ: Top 5 Questions about PowerShell from the Field

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Great news for Performing Exchange Staged Migrations to Office 365

Though we have different Ways to migrate multiple email accounts to Office 365, each option has a limitation and the most painful one is the staged migration limitation for customers running Exchange 2010 on premises, because staged migration is possible only if you have either Exchange Server 2003 or 2007 and this left them only with the option to deploy Exchange Hybrid, because most customers don't prefer the Cut Over migration with its own limitations, and they really don't need all the benefits that come along with the Hybrid deployment but they still need to have one in place. This was the outstanding issue for few customers to migrate to Office 365.

Microsoft team has now made a significant improvement to the new Hybrid Configuration Wizard that removes the Staged Migration limitation by introducing the new option, which was recently announced the Minimal Hybrid Configuration feature. When you launch the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (for the first time), you will be presented with a new dialog option, entitled Hybrid Features. This dialog allows you to choose between a Minimal Hybrid Configuration or a Full Hybrid Configuration.

What’s the difference? In a nutshell, the Minimal Hybrid Configuration allows you to just to perform migration and administration in a hybrid deployment. The Minimal Hybrid Configuration excludes configurations of secure email and any Exchange Federation related features, such as free/busy. One good thing is you will not have to recreate the user’s Outlook profile; online mailbox moves are performed, unlike in a staged or cutover migration.

More is covered in the Official EHLO Blog post here: HCW Improvement: The Minimal Hybrid Configuration option

As stated in the blog post Microsoft Exchange Team is working on a new MRS migration portal interface for MRS based moves, but you can still use the Exchange Administration Center to move your mailboxes and both options will be available in the future for your migrations.

This is a great news for all customers out there getting ready for their migrations as they can choose the best one for their needs.

Stay tuned for more updates...