Sunday, January 31, 2016

Azure IaaS technical decks

Want to know more on Microsoft Azure IaaS Offering, download the presentation decks that provide an introduction to Azure IaaS offerings.

The files included are

1. Overview of Azure IaaS offerings
2. A deep dive of azure IaaS offerings
3. intro To Azure Storage - A presentation providing an overview of Azure Storage services like Blob, table, queue storage, premium storage, File storage and other storage capabilities
4. Intro to Azure ExpressRoute - A presentation providing an overview of Azure Expressroute and its networking capabilities

Download here: Azure IaaS technical decks

Friday, January 15, 2016

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

To meet Information Security needs for today's Agile world, Every Organization should adapt new technologies that can safeguard their environment from the latest Cyber-Security attacks threats which is evolving along with the latest innovations. Earlier these threats used to occur only from External sources and now its not the case, even it can occur Internal to your Organization, which is quite shocking to most of us and also its hard to identify this with our traditional tools, we require to perform some strong analytics that can show these potential threats that are hidden over a period of time for our action to keep our environment secure. 

Technology enhancements in today's IT world has evolved beyond our traditional approach in the field of analytics and now we have strong Machine Learning capabilities built in to products that can monitor and deliver analytical reports through which we can easily determine our target and take appropriate course of action, this lays the foundation for proactive monitoring of various other threats and facilitates us to build one more layer of security.

Microsoft team is working hard to ensure that every Organization, who adopt their technology is secure whether they are in hosted On premises or in Cloud or a mixture of both in a Hybrid scenario Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics is one such essential Tool that makes this possible,

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) provides a simple and fast way to understand what is happening within your network by identifying suspicious user and device activity with built-in intelligence and providing clear and relevant threat information on a simple attack timeline.

Review here : Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)

Read the Data Sheet and take a quick preview of the Demo video to get to know about the product, you can take a trail and see how this works and decide your purchase.

Also, be sure to watch Microsoft Ignite Session on ATA to know more on this topic

View here: How to protect your corporate from advanced attacks – unveiling Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics


Access the new Microsoft Virtual Academy Course below to know more on ATP

Access here: Enterprise Mobility Suite: Beyond "Bring Your Own Device"


Access the Best Practices for Securing Advanced Threat Analytics guidance from Microsoft to understand, how you can protect ATA as a system and the pros & cons related to certain choices which must be made when deploying ATA.

Access here: Best Practices for Securing Advanced Threat Analytics


Microsoft team recently announced the public release of Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) v 1.7! This is a key release for ATA with several exciting features and improvements.

Access here to know more: Introducing Advanced Threat Analytics v 1.7!


New Office Mechanics video : Introducing Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics for your Datacenter


Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) v 1.8 is now available : What's new in ATA version 1.8

Microsoft team announced the general availability of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) v1.8 : Introducing Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics v1.8!


To safeguard your users from Ransonware attacks and other cybersecurity threats see how two products that are a part of the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite – Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) and Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) – can help to protect users both in the cloud and on-premises through robust detection systems.

View here: Ransomware detection with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics and Cloud App Security

Stay tuned for more updates...

New capabilities of Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection

Exchange Online Protection is getting enhanced to meet today's security needs at a rapid rate. Email threats are one of the pain points for any Organization, building a strong E-mail Security system is essential if you want your Organization users to be safe from a wide range of Cyber attacks occur everyday, that will target up to your Leadership team and create serious Information Security issue within your Organization.

Exchange Online Protection was available as a part of Office 365 and Standalone and most of the Organizations already transitioned to EOP and utilizing various key benefits from the service to keep their E-mail environment safe, though this is a great news at one instance, new type of threats started to arise everyday from every corner of the world and to address this, new proactive security enhancements are needed and Advanced Threat Protection is one of the key add-on for EOP.

You can use ATP as as an add-on service in your existing subscription and also its bundled with the latest E5 Subscription.

I am writing this post to refer you to the latest innovations added to EOP and ATP published recently.

Below are the key updates released,
  • Dynamic Delivery of Safe Attachments
  • Zero-hour Auto Purge
  • Safety Tips in Outlook on the web
  • Protection against insider spoofing
  • Phish reporting
  • Filtering common malicious attachment types
Watch the Office Mechanics Video to view these features in action.

Access the Office Blogs post to know more: Leading the way in the fight against dangerous email threats


Access the new Office Blogs post on ATP : Stay secure with Advanced Threat Protection in Office 365


Access New ATP updates here: Evolving Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection with URL Detonation and Dynamic Delivery
Stay tuned for more updates...

Microsoft Cloud IT Architecture Resources

Microsoft Cloud IT Architecture resources are available and these architecture tools and posters give you information about Microsoft cloud services and platforms, including Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, private cloud datacenter, and hybrid on-premises and cloud solutions.

Below are the key resources available,

Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Roadmap

Microsoft Cloud for Enterprise Architects Series

You can access the Complete Resources here: Microsoft cloud IT architecture resources

IT decision makers and architects can use these resources to determine the ideal solutions for their workloads and to make decisions about core infrastructure components such as identity and security.

Stay Updated:

You can access Microsoft Cloud Platforms Roadmap to stay updated about latest happenings in Microsoft Cloud world here:  Cloud Platform Roadmap

Additionally access Cloud Platform News Bytes Blog for periodic updates


Office 365 Roadmap is Individually available and widely used and now it has been moved to Office 365 FastTrack website.

Access here: Office 365 Roadmap

Announcing Microsoft Envision!!!

New Year has just begun and Microsoft team is all set to make new innovations and changes starting this year and as one of the major significant change now Microsoft Envision a  new flagship event for business leaders and decision makers replaces Microsoft Convergence as the premier event for business leaders and Microsoft Dynamics technical content will move to Microsoft Ignite.

This change is officially announced this week and the event will take place April 4-6, 2016 in New Orleans, LA.

You can register here:

Access the below Official Microsoft Blog post for more details : Introducing Microsoft Envision, our new event for business leaders


Access the Microsoft Envision Conference Session Videos On demand here: Microsoft Envision