Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Lync Online Guided Walkthrough

Microsoft team is doing a great job nowadays in terms of providing enhanced support to their products and continue to innovate new tools and guidance walkthrough which typically assists the Administrators to troubleshoot issues on time with proper steps and restore the service as quickly as possible.

Today, there is a new addition to the list of supported tools for troubleshooting Lync, this time it's on Lync Online and now Almost all major Organizations are using Lync as a part of their regular day to day communication medium which is either On premise or Cloud and even in a Hybrid mode

When it comes to troubleshooting Lync On premise we have access to our servers to check out the events and also with the feasibility of enhanced troubleshooting mechanisms like the new Centralized logging and enhanced resource kit we can troubleshoot a lot and restore services quickly, but with Lync Online there is a limitation and also we rely on many aspects from Network, Single sign-on, ADFS, Dir sync and much more to add up and I have been working on Lync Online for a while now and faced various issues in the environment and resolved many of them, which gave me enough knowledge over the cause of few issues when they occur and gave me confidence to troubleshoot it accordingly and resolve them if we can else approach Microsoft team with the right information to assist further and move on.

Lync Online team did a great job in bring the Excellent Guided Walkthrough for troubleshooting Lync issues in Lync Online environment which typically assists all admins to know what to do when a issues occurs by answering the set of questions and get the answers online in secs and start the investigation.

Read this O365 Community post to know more :

New Lync Online Guided Walkthrough Helps Office 365 Admins Troubleshoot Sign-in Issues

Access the Walkthrough here: Lync Online Sign-in Guided Walkthrough

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