Saturday, May 30, 2020

Azure Architecture Center

Azure Architecture Center is your one stop resource providing guidance for architecting solutions on Azure using established patterns and practices. You have architectures and guides available for various Technology areas like AI & Machine learning, DevOps, IoT, Microservices etc.

Microsoft Virtual Training Days

Another great Learning initiative from Microsoft, Microsoft Virtual Training Days are an online, free, in-depth, and efficient training events that guide you toward the many possibilities for career and organizational impact today and tomorrow. Discover your potential and maximize your time with accelerated event offerings covering a range of technical topics for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform.

Register today: Microsoft Virtual Training Days

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Microsoft 365 Solution and Architecture Center

If your Organization is planning to adopt Microsoft 365, you have various essential guidance available from Microsoft to assist you in this Journey, and this blog post introduces you to the Microsoft 365 Solution and Architecture center which brings together the technical guidance you need to understand, plan, and implement integrated Microsoft 365 solutions for secure and compliant modern collaboration.

Access the guidance here: Microsoft 365 solution and architecture center

Understanding Microsoft 365 Licensing at Ease

Microsoft 365 adoption is now on the rise, having strong understanding of Licensing Microsoft 365 is essential and you have official Microsoft documentation and licensing Guidance already made available, and to add to this Aaron Dinnage MSFT has created Licensing diagrams that easily explains Microsoft 365 Licensing visually.

Access the  Microsoft 365 Licensing diagrams here: Microsoft 365 licensing diagrams

Official Licensing guidance: Microsoft 365 Licensing

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture

Cybersecurity plays a vital role in today's IT world, and during this current Pandemic Covid-19 situation, where people are working remotely having a strong security Infrastructure is essential. This post is written to guide you to the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture which explains how different Microsoft Security product line and their essential features effectively creates a strong Security Framework.

Access the Reference Architecture here: Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture

Also watch the below Microsoft Ignite session on this topic below to know more with live demos.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Microsoft Ignite 2019: Exchange hybrid Session

Exchange Hybrid deployment is the most preferred deployment model for most of the Enterprise Organizations to migrate to Exchange Online. Exchange Hybrid deployment has gone through various updates in the last few years and I was reviewing the Microsoft Ignite 2019 session on Exchange Hybrid and thought of penning this whereto post to point you to this session if you have not viewed already to understand the best practices for using the hybrid configuration, roadmap for continued guidance and support from Microsoft for hybrid configurations and more.

Access the below blog post from Michel de Rooij MVP to get the comprehensive list of Exchange & Related sessions from Microsoft Ignite 2019 that you can view to understand more on the latest enhancements.