Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Azure AD Admin Console is GA!

Azure Active Directory Admin Console (in the new Azure portal) is now Generally Available

Access http://aad.portal.azure.com for the new experience.

Microsoft team already Migrated the Admin console from the classic portal to the new Azure Portal, and now this new portal presents information about your Organization with a better view and ease of navigation.

Most importantly, The new portal does not require an Azure subscription, which streamlines access, especially for Office 365 admins, whose lives will be made easier with the new group-based licensing functionality.

Access the below Official Blog post to know more: The new Azure AD Admin Console is GA!

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Monday, May 01, 2017

Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016 e-Book

As most of the Organizations today are moving towards the Hybrid Cloud, and if you are in the process of evaluating a hybrid environment, a great place to start is Windows Server 2016. It takes all of the learnings from Microsoft Azure and builds it into your on-premises datacenter operating system. It provides added layers of security and new, streamlined deployments options. It also perfectly sets you up for a transition to hybrid cloud when you are ready.

Access the e-book here to know more :  Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016

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