Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Is Your DNS Secure?

When it comes to Internet the most vital part to design and manage is your Organization's DNS Environment, As secure as your DNS you can say that your Company is secure, Now Vulnerabilities and Hacking attacks have became common and occurring everywhere in the Internet and Major companies DNS Servers were attacked recently and caused a huge Impact and threat to the IT Industry.

I recently came across an excellent WhitePaper from Infoblox  posted on on this topic, this is a rich resource where you will get to know over the recent DNS attacks occurred  in the Industry and understand more on the causes and get to know how to overcome these attacks and securely manage your Environment.

Access the whitepaper here : Top 5 DNS Security Attack Rises and How to Avoid Them

One more vital whitepaper on the topic including the latest attacks and shows how to prevent them, available here:  5 DNS Security Risks That Keep You Up At Night

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