Friday, April 21, 2017

Expand your Office 365 capabilities with Enterprise Mobility + Security

Office 365 is a powerful productivity platform that gives your users the freedom to work from anywhere, using any device. With Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), you can extend and build onto your Office 365 capabilities to securely deliver your Office mobile apps as well as your broader portfolio of cloud-based or cloud-aware applications.

EMS helps execute on your end-user management strategy by delivering three fundamental capabilities

  • Secure, streamlined access to all the corporate resources
  • Managed mobility that empowers users to do more on their devices, while safeguarding organizational assets
  • Advanced security that constantly listens and learns from the ever-changing threat landscape so you can anticipate, detect, and respond to threats as they emerge

For many organizations, deploying Office 365 is a critical step toward digital transformation. EMS is your opportunity to deliver additional end-user productivity, collaboration, and protection by enabling secure access, mobile management, and advanced security.

Download the E-book here: Expand your Office 365 capabilities with Enterprise Mobility + Security

Access Official Blog post here: Why Office 365 customers need to consider Enterprise Mobility + Security

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Secure Productive Enterprise replaces Enterprise Cloud Suite

Secure Productive Enterprise is the most trusted, secure, and productive way to work that brings together Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10 Enterprise. It replaces the Enterprise Cloud Suite and introduces even more value within this offering.

Secure Productive Enterprise helps you empower employees on your Digital Transformation journey. Secure Productive Enterprise uses best-in-class cloud services to deliver the latest and most advanced innovations in enterprise security, management, collaboration, and business analytics.

Visit the Products and Services Site here and Select the plan that suits your requirement: Secure Productive Enterprise

Access the presentation on Secure Productive Enterprise Licensing to know things in a nutshell.

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Microsoft team evolved Secure Productive Enterprise and and replaces it with  "Microsoft 365 Enterprise" - A complete, intelligent solution, including Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely.

You can select Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 or Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 per your needs.

Know more here : Microsoft 365 Enterprise

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Free Cloud Migration Assessment for your Journey to Microsoft Azure

Whether you’re considering migrating all or just a portion of your applications to the cloud, the transition from on-premises can present challenges for any organization. You need to understand how much it will cost, how to size your environment, what virtual machine option to choose, and more.

To help with this transition, Microsoft is offering a free cloud migration assessment designed to provide you with detailed information based on the specific configurations of your own datacenter.

This assessment can help you:
  • Identify all the servers across your datacenter environment
  • Analyze your workload configuration
  • Estimate the initial cost benefits of moving to Microsoft Azure
  • View and export the results into a customized report
You can register for the assessment here: Explore the value of migrating your datacenter to a hybrid cloud.

Access the Azure Migration Tech Community space for more information.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Everything You Want to, Need to, and/or Should Know About EMS in 2017

Get to know the Latest improvements, updates and enhancements in EMS for 2017 from Microsoft Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson in this new video.

Access the video here: Enterprise Mobility + Security Training Video

Official Blog post here: Video:  Everything You Want to, Need to, and/or Should Know About EMS in 2017

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Few more new enhancements to know,


Microsoft is offering a series of free, instructor-led, live virtual classes on Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Specifically, the class will cover the following two scenarios in depth:
  • Identity and Access Management: learn how to centrally manage single sign-on across devices, your datacenter, and the cloud
  • Identity-driven Security: learn how to guard your data from attacks on multiple levels using innovative, identity-driven security techniques
The class is offered in recurring sessions in different time zones throughout April, May and June. Space is limited so check out the class schedule and reserve your virtual seat today!


Access Microsoft Inspire 2017 session Recordings related to Enterprise Mobility + Security here: Inspire 2017 Enterprise Mobility + Security Session Recordings

Stay tuned for more updates in Enterprise Mobility and Security Blogs.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Deployment Advisors for Office 365 Services

The deployment wizards for Office 365 give you self-guided support for setting up Office 365. Just select a wizard and sign in to Office 365. As you select the features and options you want to deploy, the wizard builds a step-by-step setup plan that’s customized to your needs.

You’ll get a full set of instructions, videos, reference articles, and scripts. The wizard won’t change any of your organization’s settings or data. Instead, you make the changes using the wizard to guide you. You can use these wizards anytime, even during planning or after you’ve already set up the services, to learn more about Office 365 features and options.

Small business quick start

File creation, storage, and sharing

Mail migration

Security and Identity

Device security

Communication and online conferencing

Videos for IT Pros

Walkthroughs for users

Access the Deployment Advisors here: Deployment advisors for Office 365 services

Want more assistance and guidance, access Microsoft FastTrack Center today.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 is just a week away !

All around the world user groups and communities want to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing! On April 22, 2017, all communities will come together once again in the fifth great Global Azure Bootcamp event.

Access the Official Site here:

This event is hosted across the world, check for a Location near you and be a part of this great event.

Register soon...


Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 completed recently with a huge success across the world, I got an other opportunity to deliver a session on Azure AD and EMS at this event hosted in Chennai, India.

Access the slides here: Understanding Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS)

Controlling the Uncontrollable and Six Steps to Control the Uncontrollable e-Books

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security team published the Controlling the Uncontrollable Series to provide very deep look at how you need to Enable, Protect, and Manage Mobile Productivity End-to-end. To make this process as simple as possible, EMS team has put together a detailed, step-by-step guides to accompany this series.

In this e-book, you'll learn how to better manage and secure your organization's mobile devices and data while examining why Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is the mobile workforce solution you're looking for.

Download the e-Book here: Controlling the Uncontrollable

In this e-book, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on using the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security to protect your cloud apps, manage devices, and guard against advanced threats—all in one end-to-end solution.

Download the e-Book here: Six steps to control the uncontrollable

Thursday, April 13, 2017

End of support for DirSync and Azure AD Sync !

As of today April 13, 2017 “Windows Azure Active Directory Sync (DirSync)” and “Azure Active Directory Sync (Azure AD Sync)” reaching end of Support, and now its time to upgrade to Azure AD Connect. Make sure you plan the upgrade soon as Azure AD will stop accepting connections from DirSync and Azure AD Sync after December 31, 2017.

Get the upgrade guidance here: Upgrade Windows Azure Active Directory Sync and Azure Active Directory Sync

Ensure that you upgrade to the latest version, Review the Release history here: Azure AD Connect: Version release history

If you are already on earlier version of AAD Connect, you have below guidance to upgrade to the latest version.

Azure AD Connect: Upgrade from a previous version to the latest

What's Next, Make sure your AAD Connect environment is healthy by Monitoring using the AAD Connect Health for Sync

Monitor Azure AD Connect sync with Azure AD Connect Health

Share your feedback in Azure Active Directory Forums for improvements.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Exchange Server 2007 End of Life !

Exchange Server 2007 extended support ends today, and the product finally reached its End of Life.

End of life means that Microsoft will no longer provide the following for Exchange 2007:
  • Free or paid assisted support (including custom support agreements)
  • Bug fixes for issues that are discovered and that may impact the stability and usability of the server
  • Security fixes for vulnerabilities that are discovered and that may make the server vulnerable to security breaches
  • Time zone updates
Your installation of Exchange 2007 will continue to run after this date. However, because of the changes listed above, Microsoft strongly recommend that you migrate from Exchange 2007 as soon as possible.

If you haven’t already begun your migration from Exchange 2007 to Office 365 or Exchange 2016, now’s the time to start your planning.

Microsoft has published the Exchange 2007 End of Life Roadmap Reference guide that helps you to plan your migration

Based on your environment choose the best Approach for migration, Would recommend to Migrate to Office 365 or upgrade your Exchange Server 2007 to a latest version, recommend to go for Exchange Server 2016 and choose an Hybrid deployment model to get the benefits of both innovations in the Cloud and On premises.

As you know, Its not just Exchange Server 2007 the reaching End of Life, Support is ending soon for all the Office 2007 Client and Server products in the Office 2007 release. This is a great time to retire your Office 2007 applications and plan your upgrade to Office 365.

Review the below Resources page that will help you upgrade from Office 2007 servers and clients

Access here: Resources to help you upgrade from Office 2007 servers and clients

In addition to the above resources, review the Microsoft Tech Summit video sessions below,

View hereBRK2303: Moving from legacy on-premises Exchange: upgrade to Exchange 2016, or Exchange Online?

Join the "Office Retirement Spaces" in Microsoft Tech Community site to get more guidance on your migration path, and also share your migration stories to help others in the Community.