Tuesday, September 14, 2021

How to protect against Microsoft Exchange Server threats

Securing Exchange Server Environment has become a Critical Priority today post the recent Zero day Exploit - HAFNIUM and Microsoft team taken required action to address this security threat and adviced organizations running Exchange Servers to take remediation steps outlined in their MSTIC update. 

As a part of their ongoing support guidance Microsoft Published new support videos to protect against Exchange Server threats in their Microsoft SecurityYoutube Channel. These videos cover essential threats against Exchange server and recommended remediation.

Access here:  How to protect against Microsoft Exchange Server threats

Microsoft Security Technical Content Library

Microsoft recently shared the update regarding their new Technical Content Library for their Security Technologies, this is a one stop resource to know the available technologies and latest updates .

Access here: Microsoft Security Technical Content Library

Checkout the Microsoft Security Youtube Channel here: Microsoft Security

Skype for Business Online retired

Skype for Business Online is retired last month and most of the Organizations already deployed Teams and started their Transition, if you are one of the Organization who are on the Journey read the official documentation and get your upgrade completed.

Access here: Skype for Business Online retirement

Microsoft Windows 365

Technology is evergreen and innovations are happening day by day, as a part of the of this evolution process, Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Windows 365,  Cloud based Windows Solution for your organization to support the new Hybrid Workforce.

Access the Announcement here with the reference resources: Announcing the general availability of Windows 365

Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync

Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync is a new product recently made available from Microsoft to synchronize objects from On-Premises to Cloud. Azure AD Connect cloud sync helps simplify and automate the management of Azure AD users, through cloud-managed rules for synchronizing those users from existing AD forests.   

Below are some essential resources to know more on this product.

Access here: Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync Overview

Another great video from Travis Roberts below on the key differences 

Access here: Azure AD Connect Sync and Cloud Sync, What’s the Difference?

Official documentation covering all updates: Azure AD Connect cloud sync documentation

Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architectures (MCRA) Guides

Access the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architectures (MCRA) Guides from MSLearn. We have three different modules covering the key topics.

Access here: https://mslearn.cloudguides.com/en-us/guides/Microsoft%20Cybersecurity%20Reference%20Architectures%20(MCRA)%20-%20People

Access here: https://mslearn.cloudguides.com/en-us/guides/Microsoft%20Cybersecurity%20Reference%20Architectures%20(MCRA)%20-%20Capabilities

Access here: https://mslearn.cloudguides.com/en-us/guides/Microsoft%20Cybersecurity%20Reference%20Architectures%20(MCRA)%20-%20Zero%20Trust%20User%20Access

Additional update:

Access the Youtube Video Series from Mark Simos MSFT hereMicrosoft Cybersecurity Reference Architectures (MCRA) Series