Sunday, November 03, 2013

Cisco UC Vs Microsoft Lync

Unified Communications is now everywhere and Organizations started to explore which platform to adopt  as Technology is evolving every day. When we talk about UC the two things that comes to our mind is Cisco UC and Microsoft Lync earlier to this we had other vendors in the market like Avaya in place of Lync, and now after Lync came to the market with its enhanced set of UC and Enterprise Voice features it started to reach the top of the ladder and now getting widely adopted by various Organizations.

One question comes to our mind who is going to replace the traditional PBX phone systems in mere future is it Cisco or Lync? both Cisco and Lync are best competitions to each other and both provides various features and its tough to decide which one is best with out proper evaluation.

I read two great articles on this hot discussion from Experts and got adequate information on the benefits of using both of the products and their capability towards providing the best solution and decide the one which is best for our needs. I worked with Lync so I am very much aware about it's capabilities to integrate with other applications and also a great option to adopt for Unified communication and provides much more enhanced Enterprise voice feature which makes it unique and getting adopted everywhere and now Iam started to explore over Cisco to know more over it's benefits in comparison to conclude the results.

Read these articles,

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Additionally take a look at the below Presentation from Perficient in Slideshare

Microsoft Lync: Integrating with or Replacing Cisco

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