Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lync and Exchange - Better Together Presentation

Microsoft Lync Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2013 are very robust products individually and when we integrate both of them we will get some enhanced features as ever before with these latest version in comparison with it's predecessors.

I already wrote a blog post on this topic referencing a Technet Blog post from Alan Maddison MSFT under the title Lync Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2013 Integration , in here Alan shows us the benefits of having Lync and Exchange together in a detailed description.

To further add to this topic, I reviewed few of my Power point presentation collection and came across two vital ones for our topic, one from Lync Conference under this blog post title occurred early this year and the other one from Ignite event.  These presentations will typically show you how the architecture behind Exchange and Lync integration works with live examples, benefits and much more, after reviewing this you will have a clear understanding on the subject.

I am providing you the direct download links below,

Download : Lync and Exchange - Better Together

Download : Lync People, Presence, and Federation Infrastructure

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