Friday, November 15, 2013

VIrtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) A Quick Preview

Technology keeps changing every day and will continue to change and evolve till human race exist as this World has now became a World of Technology and people now start to live and breathe technology everywhere, Now you can see mobile phone which we can call as an remarkable invention of human race in every hands from a 3 year old kid to the guy who sits at the corner of the world in an isolated place where he is not isolated from the rest of the crowd and still connected virtually with the help of this device and that's the Power of Technology.

Enough of the Tech Story, Let's get in to our topic, I started with the story because the one which we are talking is one such type on innovation where physical desktops are converted in to Virtual desktops and now they are streamed online like other applications and you can access it only fly with reduced set of requirements on a variety of devices with the configurations specified met according to the VDI provider and this saves a huge cost for Organizations and the flexibility for user access.

Let's see what is the Definition of Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) from TechTarget

Click here to know the answer :Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

Additionally, Check out this great video from Trainsignal

View here : What is Desktop Virtualization and VDI?

View one more Excellent video here :  What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

VDI is the next step of computing and Major Organizations now started to provide this service and they started to concentrate now more on Desktop Virtualization and providing it as a service Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) along with the rest of the Cloud Computing Services that are evolving outside to meet both the ends .

I have listed out few articles I read over the days on VDI and its future from Experts, Official documentation and IT Magazine updates for you to check out and understand better.
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