Sunday, November 24, 2013

Comparing remote display protocols with TechTarget

Today I was reading over VDI and came across this excellent post from TechTarget under SearchVirtualDesktop forum, When it comes to Desktop virtualization the major concern is over the GPU which is required for working with high end graphical applications which requires 3D modelling, rendering etc., This articles takes focus on top 3 virtualization providers and their protocols which delivers this service and they are none other than our Microsoft, VMware and Citrix and their RDP/RemoteFX, PCoIP and HDX protocols.

I recently attended a live VMware symposium event where I got glimpse of VMware's VDI deployment with Horizon View, which was quite excellent, Citrix Xen Desktop is already famous and needs no introduction and now Microsoft  joined the race and competing with the two major giants through it's RemoteFX protocol for delivering high end VDI experience.

Check out this article to know more: Comparing remote display protocols: RemoteFX vs. HDX vs. PCoIP

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