Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Success with Hybrid Cloud Series!

Hybrid Cloud is the word everywhere now in IT, Organizations have already started to either adopt or offer Cloud Computing and the renowned Giants that are already well established in the Market now target their customers to adopt Hybrid Cloud. You can check out my earlier posts on the Hybrid Cloud Series to know more here.

In continuation to the series I found a very rich information today on the topic today which I wanted to share through this post, It's about the New Hybrid Cloud Series post available in the Microsoft Technet In The Cloud blog written by none other than Microsoft's Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Windows Server & System Center. Brad named this series as "Success with Hybrid Cloud" and wrote his first post today and planning to write more soon and this series spans across 5 different categories that gives you what a complete understanding of What Hybrid Cloud is all about and how Microsoft is Engineering it's tomorrows with Hybrid Cloud deployments.

Access the post here : Success with Hybrid Cloud: Defining “Hybrid”

Table of Contents and upcoming posts preview : Table of Contents: Success with Hybrid Cloud

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