Monday, November 25, 2013

Managed Availability Documentation Now Available

Today Scott Schnoll MSFT has written an excellent post on his Is this thing On?  blog over the availability of Managed Availability documentation. In here is quickly summarizes what is Managed Availability is all about and its vital components and directs us where to go and read more to on the topic along with rich information and examples.

Scott categorized this into below 5 categories and explains them clearly and for people who wants to know what is Managed availability then this is the best place to start
  • Overview
  • Health Sets
  • Health Groups
  • Overrides
  • Management Tasks and Cmdlets

Additionally look out this EHLO Blog post along with it's previous posts which will be shown inside to know more on Managed Availability and also review the recorded Ignite event occurred recently for real time demo from Microsoft , I myself attended this session and gained a good experience on the topic and had my queries clarified.

Access the post here: Customizing Managed Availability

Access the Video here : Ignite Webcast - Managed Availability

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