Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good News for Exchange IT Pros!

In Today's IT world Cloud Computing is every where and everyone is either started to learn cross domain technologies or in the path of choosing new carrier path and Most of the IT Pros are worried about the future towards their current domain and over the future of IT. When it comes to IT Pros who work specifically for a particular domain which is getting upgraded faster than ever before and also projecting its target over to the cloud from an outer perspective, The above said points are true on a whole, Yes I am talking about the evolution of Exchange Server and O365.

When I started to work with different versions of Exchange servers I felt enormous changes had brought in to each of the versions namely say 2010 and 2013, which provided us with reduced complexity of management and enhanced High availability features providing rich user experience. And when I started to handle O365 extensively a question came to my mind, Exchange Online looks excellent in terms of both fully cloud and Hybrid cloud with its great features and co-existence capabilities with Either 2010 and 2013 deployment. and Microsoft is managing and enhancing this at a faster scale and also promoting this as ever before then what will happen to the On premise Exchange? do we still get an other Wave 16 products from Microsoft in mere future or it will be gone soon and do I need to support only the Cloud in the next few years as we all are heading to the Cloud world.

Our renowned Exchange MVP Tony Redmond stated in his recent article that On premises will be still available and this thrown some light on to my Question and made me feel better.

Check here : Why I don't think on-premises Exchange is dead

And coming back to our topic the Good news is Exchange Server On premise will be still available and supported by Microsoft and no plans for discontinuing this product line which is updated to us today in the latest EHLO Blog by Perry Clarke, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Exchange.

I was excited and happy when I saw this message, Since I already got the opportunity and supporting both On premises and O365 versions of Exchange, this news is great and it puts me on the edge of happiness that I will be continue doing this further without losing the opportunity to manage the one from where I started the Journey, Not only me everyone including Microsoft  started their Journey it's the "On Premise".
Also there are other many vital questions were answered in the blog post towards Exchange Server Roadmap to the future. Along with the other Happy folks outside even I am excited to hear this and sharing the joy with you through this post and waiting for the next release of Exchange. Cheers.

Check the Good News here: Exchange Server: The Road Ahead

Additional Bytes:

One more good news to note on the blog post is the 1st anniversary of Exchange 2013 and it's good to know the major changes occurred in this version compared to it's predecessors to predict how the future would be. Tony Wrote a new post today over this topic and shares his views on Microsoft's recent announcement in the EHLO blog in a nutshell.

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*A new write up from Tony Redmond MVP is written exactly one year after this blog post published available below with more information on the Topic with the recent enhancements that changed the Exchange world.

Review here: The Future of the Exchange Administrator

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