Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mobile Device Managment (MDM) A Quick Preview

We have been taking look at various popular terminologies used in today's IT Market recently over the weeks like Orchestrator, VDI, SDN, NFV etc., these technologies were there already but now we get to see them everywhere and in continuation to the series let's take a look at one more key term MDM today in a nutshell.

In Today's IT world we can access our corporate data in wide range of devices and the same way the applications from regular PC, Laptops,Tablets and mobile phones on the fly, but when it comes to administering the mobile devices which is connected to your network from anywhere either internal or external and accessing your corporate data you need to more cautious in ensuring that what data is accessed, how it is accessed, how to ensure security and how to manage the connections and majorly know how to erase the sensitive data when a device which is connected from external network to your Infrastructure is either loss or stolen, and also when a employee leaves the Organization after service or termination to ensure that your Information Security is managed and maintained at all levels.

Also with the advent of Technologies Organizations now adopt the BYOD concept which stands for Bring Your Own Device, where users bring their own devices to connect to corporate network or access the corporate data which causes additional threat to the Security but carefully managed by the polices enforced and a through a proper MDM..

What is MDM ?

Access here mobile device management (MDM) to know the definition from TechTarget 

Once understand what is MDM then you will know it's significance over the Corporate data and application management and next you need to know what to look out for when you are going to adopt a MDM Solution for your needs and the best Tools to adopt as there a huge group of providers available in the IT Market which is Inclusive of all renowned Major Giants.

Access here: Basic features and capabilities to look for in MDM tools

Read the below two other TechTarget articles to know MDM solution can be useful along with MAM solution. MAM is your Mobile Application Management solution, to ensure your IT is secure even if your adopt BYOD concept in your Infrastructure.

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