Thursday, November 14, 2013

The End is Near for "Legacies"...

Every one is quite aware about the significance of this future date April 8th 2014. Yes, Its going to be time for end of an Era of our major Legacy Microsoft products as Microsoft Team has officially announced the end of extended support for these products which puts most of the Organizations at the edge to transition to the newer versions at the earliest and this dead line hits them in many ways from a legacy end user Desktop system to the crucial Email system.

I saw this excellent TechNet blog post which shows us about the major Legacy systems reaching it's end of support on this date like Exchange Server 2003 and Windows XP along with the all time favorite Outlook client which is still in use Outlook 2003 and also make us aware over another future date 14th of July 2015 which is even more significant because it's going to be the end of Windows Server 2003 which revolutionized the whole IT industry with it's release and grown up to the stage which is far and beyond our imagination.

Quick Overview 

Read the post here : Save The Date - End of Exchange 2003 Support–T Minus 6 Months

Keep these dates marked on your calendar and create an action plan from now on if you didn't do so to upgrade your environment to the latest ones to avoid an unsupported scenario and join the upper crowd and start your journey towards the future.

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