Thursday, November 28, 2013

Exchange Server 2013 CU3 Upgrade Experience from Experts

Microsoft Exchange team released CU3 for Exchange Server 2013 and Update Rollup 3 for Exchange Server 2010 Sp3 earlier this week, Updating Exchange Server 2010 Sp3 follows the similar procedure for updating the server with new update Roll-up as we do traditionally, If want to do it at ease checkout here. Since with the latest release of our Exchange Server 2013 we have the Cumulative updates which are full build of the Exchange Server with the additional fixes and updates bundled together and eventually requires Schema update and also a painful rework of configuring your customized settings once again post upgrade.

I wrote this post to guide you for performing a successful upgrade through the experience and guidance shared by our Experts. first let's begin with the the latest post from our renowned Exchange MVP JaapWesselius on his blog over his Exchange Server 2013 CU3 upgrade experience and this is an excellent post to begin, where Japp explains in detail about the above said points for better understanding and also visually shows you with instructions how to perform a seamless upgrade.

Read the post here: Upgrade to Exchange Server 2013 RTM CU3

Additionally, take a look at the New Updated post from Our Exchange MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck on his office blog where he has made some updation to the automated scripts he created for placing the server in Maintenance mode which is essential during the CU upgrade and this automated scripts are rich resource and makes our work at ease and saves time.

Check out here : Script: putting Exchange Server 2013 into Maintenance Mode

For detailed Information on upgrading Exchange Server 2013 check out this post from ExchangeServerpro from our Exchange MVP Paul Cunningham

Review here : Installing Cumulative Updates for Exchange Server 2013

Now the heat has started and we can receive more over the CU3 upgrade experience from our experts watch out their blogs to stay updated and also I am planning to test it soon and will share my experience, As usual test and play with it in the Lab environment and wait for a while and analyze whether everything is fine and then start with your production upgrade.


Read this below Excellent post from 250 Hello TechNet blog written by Rhoderick Milne MSFT  over the installation of Exchange 2013 CU and the common mistakes to avoid while installing through command line which we normally do.

Check here : 6 Mistakes To Avoid With Exchange 2013 CU Command Line Installations

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