Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Will You still Continue to use XP after Reading this?

Microsoft Windows XP is one of the greatest Operating System of all time and like every product it has reached its deadline of support, As everyone know by April 8th 2014 Supports ends Windows XP and this date XP users will no longer receive security updates, non-security hotfixes or free/paid assisted support options and online technical content updates.This makes most of the Organizations to re-think over their Client OS support model and already most of them started to upgrade their environment to either Windows7 or Windows8.

Also performing a OS upgrade on a huge environment is not easy task as it not only involves the deployment tasks it majorly involves the cost and also the training that needs to be provided to the end user to adopt to the new System model and get their queries answered rapidly to restore the user experience at the earliest.

Though above all said things are vital the major one to consider is the Information Security and ensure that the environment is safe from vulnerabilities and Corporate sensitive data is maintained secure at all levels. Organizations already spending more investment towards making the environment secure and now with the unsupported software present in the environment it causes additional threats to the Information Security and leaving behind this vital part would eventually make us get prone to be affected by Malicious Hackers and would make us doomed. So taking the right step ahead is the right decision.

 I wrote this post today because of the latest article I read from Microsoft On the Issues TechNet blog where Tim Rains Director, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft through the latest Cyber Security Report updated us over the Security threats faced by users today using various flavors of Microsoft Operating Systems by comparing the Malicious Attacks Encounter Rate and Infection Rate and concludes that its always good to update our OS or software up-to-date to ensure that we are safe from the mitigating attacks and in the discussion major part is concentrated over Windows XP which is Highly infected to the maximum of 9.1 on a scale of 10 and after the Support ends its prone to get infected more as it easily allows the hackers to get attracted to do their Jobs easily with out any protection.

Preview from the report 

Read this article completely to Know more : New cybersecurity report details risk of running unsupported software

Additionally read this latest Redmond Magazine post:  Microsoft SIR 15: XP Won't Keep Users Safe

So I believe you will be having the answer now for the question I asked after reading this. Let's get things started asap as we won't fall behind before we meet the deadline.

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