Friday, October 04, 2013

Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Log Analysis

ActiveSync plays a major role in Every Exchange Organization where in with the high number of increase in Mobile devices users are now having I phones, Smart Phones and Tablets handy and all of these devices support the Exchange ActiveSync feature and start to use Mobile Email on the fly.

Managing Mobile devices are not a easy task when it comes to troubleshooting issues with E-mail Sync and also now most of the users are now Mobile users and the only source of E-mail communication is ActiveSync, so Admins are under great pressure to identify the underlying issue and analyze the root cause and resolve the issue with minimal downtime.

Let's get in to our topic, This is the about the latest Exchange Team blog post published Today on troubleshooting ActiveSync issues with the help of Mailbox logging which will assist us to identify the cause of multiple issues and  provides us the way to troubleshoot and fix them at the earliest.

Normally,When a ActiveSync issue is reported the first Troubleshooting test we perform is the ActiveSync Connectivity Test with the help of Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool. Once we run this test it provides us some insight on the issue cause and we can start our troubleshooting from there. But most of the time this tool may not help us a lot to identify the exact issue in different scenarios. So, we need to look out for another alternative solution that can assist us to proceed further. At this stage we can take advantage of the Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox logging which is really a great feature that can help us to identify the issue that occurs between the Mobile device and the Exchange Server.

Below is the Exchange Team Blog post that will provide you more information on how to proceed with the troubleshooting after breaking down the logs and start the Analysis.

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