Monday, October 21, 2013

Admin Script Editor is Now Free...

When it comes to administration most of the users prefer the traditional GUI and still few are comfortable with using command line and there are scenarios in which we require certain tasks that can be done through command line should be available as a GUI. In a nutshell people who are expert with Scripting knowledge would take advantages of UI tools that can incorporate with the regular cmd lets or functions and builds some robust custom application or utility that has a GUI console to perform specific tasks at ease.

One of the best tool available in the market is Admin Script Editor, I had a chance to explore this product long back while I was very much fond of Powershell scripting and It was Introduced to me by one of my Mentor and he showed few scripts that were designed with this utility which provided GUI interface for managing certain tasks.

This Tool is quite great and it was available for cost, I saw a tweet from WindowsITPro today from Rod Trent where he updated about the current status of the product which states that now ASE reached a stage where the Company who created this tool is now discontinuing further development of the tool and made it available free for users, with the current capabilities of the Tool it is more than enough for us to take full advantage and do more.

You can download this Tool from using the below link

Download : Admin Script Editor (ASE)

Refer the source article below for some additonal information

Forever Freeware: Admin Script Editor Gets a Final Resting Place

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