Thursday, October 31, 2013

VMware Best Practices Webcast on Virtualization

Virtualization is now everywhere in the IT Industry and the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about this topic is the Virtual Machines then next it's none other than our VMware. VMware needs no introduction for the readers as its one of the largest giant today in providing Virtualization at all ends.

When it comes to Server Virtualization the major part we are concentrating is over the cost reduction and simplification of management and also there is one more vital part to check is the Business Continuity and this part is more crucial as it involves the continuous availability of services for users at all times without downtime to provide a rich user experience.

VMware brings many enhanced products and features which performs these tasks integrated with one another to provide such Highly available service and it's always good to learn from the experts and it's time for one such learning event Organized by VMware on November 5th 10.00 AM PST, Register yourself and attend the Webcast session to more on the benefits of Virtualization.

Register here: Best Practices: How to Improve Business Continuity with Virtualization

If you are new to Virtualization, learn the basic concepts here

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