Sunday, October 20, 2013


Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) is your On premise AD and very much all Server Administrators would know more on this and with the advent of Cloud Computing Microsoft team introduced their Cloud Active Directory which is called as Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) for Identity and Access Management in Microsoft Cloud.

A question was asked recently by one of my friend which made to learn over this topic, and I decided to write a post on this to share it with my readers. When we were discussing over Cloud Computing he asked me a question since we are having the Azure directory now do we still need On premise AD? I don't have an answer for that question at that time, Also Its been quite sometime since I worked on Windows Servers as I am pretty much tied up over supporting Collaborative Technologies, and decided to do some reading on the Internet to understand what Experts says about this to understand even better.

During my search I came across two Excellent blog posts from two great IT Experts over the topic through which I got answer to my question and additionally they provided me some more deep dive experience in understanding both ADDS and WAAD and their role in Cloud Computing.

Take a look at the blogs below to know more...

Active Directory: Differences Between On Premise and In the Cloud  posted by Chirs Avis on his TechNet blog
Active Directory-as-a-Service? Azure, Intune hinting at a cloud-hosted AD future
posted by Derrick Wlodarz  on

Here comes one more excellent post from WindowsITPro on the topic posted by Sean Deuby

 Windows Azure Active Directory vs. Windows Server Active Directory

* Also review this latest comparison post from WindowsITPro on the topic posted by John Savill along with another significant comparison post written by John which show cast the difference between Azure AD and the new Azure AD Premium.

Azure Active Directory vs. On-Premises Active Directory

Azure Active Directory vs. Azure Active Directory Premium

Thanks to Chris, Sean and John for these great posts!!!

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