Monday, October 07, 2013

Lync Server 2013 Centralized Logging an Overview

Lync Server 2013 has brought many great features with it's release and also many enhancements made to the existing features which adds more benefit for both End users and Administrators. One such new feature is Centralized logging Service which is really a great feature as it eventually reduces manual work from Administrators to enable logging on every single server in the pool to enable logging on all the Servers at once from a Single source and also customize the how logging to be enabled based on defined Scenarios.

First review the below TechNet Article to know about the Centralized Logging Service

Read here: Using the Centralized Logging Service

Read all the corresponding Topics under this TechNet Article to understand more on the components involved in setting up this feature and how it works etc.

Also download and review the below Presentation on Lync 2013 Centralized Logging with live examples to get a quick overview.

Download here: Lync Server 2013 – Centralized Logging

Additionally, Review the below excellent post from website where author has updated over this feature in nutshell along with a customized Tool created for managing this Centralized logging similar to Lync 2010 Logging Tool and much more in detail.

Read here: Lync 2013 Centralised Logging Deep Dive

Read one more vital TechNet blog post on Customizing CLS

Lync 2013 Centralized Logging (CLS) - customizing scenarios

Finally, To get a real time demonstration over this feature review the below Teched Session.

View here : How to Fix Lync 2013 When it Breaks

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