Thursday, October 10, 2013

Virtualization Hypervisors A Quick Look with TechTarget

Today I was reading on Server Virtualization and came across few Excellent articles from TechTarget website under SearchServerVirtualization These articles are really a great source of information  for new IT Pro's  to understand what is a Virtualization, What is a Hypervisor and what are the different types of Virtualization hypervisors available, their feature differences and how to adopt best product based on the requirement and much more.

TechTarget is a great Ocean of Technology information and these are few drops from the website written by Technology Experts for the benefit of Technical geeks to know and learn the Technology and stay in tuned with the Market.

I read about six articles that are interlinked to each other and gained some rich experience on basic Virtualization concepts and planned to share the same with my readers here.

I have listed out the articles one after the other below, Read them in a sequential order to understand the concepts and then you can begin your searching on Individual topics from here and start exploring them on your own.

Hardware Virtualization

Hypervisors: Which is right for you?

Understanding hosted and bare-metal virtualization hypervisor types

Compare bare-metal hypervisors and hosted hypervisors

Choosing a virtualization hypervisor: Eight factors to consider

Top 10 hypervisors: Choosing the best hypervisor technology

Once again a Great Thanks to TechTarget !

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