Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hybrid Cloud is The Future of IT...

Technology is changing as never before and every Organization is planning to adopt the new changes to receive the enhanced benefits with reduced costs and to provide Highly available service to the End Users.
Earlier IT Automation and Virtualization were the hot topics in the Market and later when Technology went far beyond and provided these as a service in terms of Cloud Computing along with many other great features that Organizations can acquire from their hosting providers and in turn reduce their IT Infrastructure and Management costs.

Cloud Computing provides Organizations with the flexibility of choosing the right model appropriate to their requirement in terms of Productivity, Information Security, Costs etc. Fewer Major Organizations have already adopted either Public or Private Cloud Model and others are tend to begin their transition soon. We have one more model called Hybrid Cloud Model which offers the customers to have some of the services to be hosted across both in house and Cloud and give us a common platform through which we can  manage both of them seamlessly. In a nutshell we can say we will get benefits of both Private and Public Cloud with Hybrid Cloud. Now this makes  most of the Organizations to decide to move to Cloud soon.

I wrote this post today to show the readers that Hybrid Cloud is gaining popularity and in mere future we could be having most our IT Infrastructure running in a Hybrid Cloud Environment.

Let's get started to explore.

You can check my earlier post Enabling Hybrid Cloud Today with Microsoft Technologies and read the White Papers provided there to understand over Cloud Computing and the benefits of Hybrid Cloud deployment.

I was reading the Redmond Magazine today and came across a recent post which was over the growth of Hybrid Cloud and the future of IT through Gartner's recent analysis.

Read the magazine post here : Enterprises Expected To Move Toward Hybrid Clouds

If you check the magazine it points us to the recent Gartner's News Room announcement, where you can find the information that I was talking about earlier,  Gartner Says Nearly Half of Large Enterprises Will Have Hybrid Cloud Deployments by the End of 2017 you can read the full announcement here

Also you can register yourself with Gartner's website and take a look at the recorded Webinar Hosted by Thomas J. Bittman,VP Distinguished Analyst to get maximum information over Hybrid Cloud and the pros and cons of adopting this Technology and the future of IT and much more in detail.

Access the Webinar here : Hybrid Clouds and Hybrid IT: The Next Frontier

One more similar Survey Report : CIF finds hybrid cloud is the user choice

Additionally, Check out this Microsoft IT Showcase session:  Discussing Microsoft IT's Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Let's be prepared Hybrid will be approaching us very soon...

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