Sunday, October 27, 2013

Real-world Exchange Load Balancing Webinar

Load Balancing is not a new term for most of us, In any Server environment to split the Load across different Servers and  to achieve high availability we rely on Load Balancing solutions, it starts from the regular Network Load balancing, DNS Round Robin extends up to Hardware/Software/Virtual Load balancers.

I have reviewed few articles and websites which I wanted to share with you before I update over the actual topic, because reading these links will provide you some insight over various types of Load Balancing solutions available in the Market, their feature differences along with the things to consider before we adopt the best one for the requirement .

Review the below websites to know more

Different Types of Load Balancers in Computer Networking

Load Balancer FAQ

Load Balancing Concepts from Citirx

10 Things to consider before buying a LoadBalancer 

Let's Get in our Topic for the day, Load Balancing is a vital part when it comes to Exchange Server from the earlier days most companies already using various types of Load Balancing Solutions to split the workload across servers and over the time there are various changes made to both Load Balancing solutions and Exchange Server products and to know more on this I would suggest you to register for the upcoming Webinar session from none other than our renowned Exchange Server MVP J. Peter Bruzzese organized by Petri IT and sponsored by one of the popular Load Balancing Solution Giant Kemp Technologies.

Register here : Real-world Exchange Load Balancing: Graduating from NLB

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