Friday, October 11, 2013

Click-to-Run Overview

Microsoft continue to Improvise their product standards and Deployment Mechanism over the course of time and they made a drastic change in the IT Environment with the release of their Latest products and the most notable one is the new Office suite. Microsoft made a remarkable change in the way Office Products are deployed from regular MSI based installations to the new Click-to-Run technology in O365, This makes you to stream office installation from the virtualized Environment which in turn reduces the installation time and also users can start to use the application before the installation even completes.

Lets Explore this Today, First review the below TechNet Article to get a Overview of Click-to-Run Technology.

Read here: Overview of Click-to-Run for Office 365 setup architecture

Once you  complete the TechNet Article review the below Ignite Webcast Series from Microsoft O365 Team to know more on this great feature.

Watch here: Office 365 Deployment, Click-to-Run

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