Thursday, October 31, 2013

Block level storage vs. File level storage

Storage plays a major role when it comes to data management and every Industry is spending huge investments on their Storage Architecture which can give more reliability and redundancy and also provides high level data protection and security along with ease of access and a capability to expand the storage capacity when data grows higher without any data loss. Storage mechanism is enhanced to the core in today's IT world from traditional Hard disk drives , SSDs to SAN, NAS and now extended up to Cloud.

Today I was reading few articles over storage and came across an excellent article from TechRepublic under Enterprise Cloud Forum by Scott Lowe , where Scott has compared the difference between Block level and File level storage and shows us their feature differences and provides us adequate knowledge to adopt the appropriate one for the correct requirement by knowing their pros and cons to minimize the challenges we face in the Storage world, Thought of writing a post today to take you there.

Read the full post here : Block level storage vs. file level storage: A comparison

Additionally read one more excellent post on this topic from MyITForum

Block Level Storage or File Level Storage: Which will Suit you Better?

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