Thursday, October 24, 2013

Directory Based Edge Blocking for EOP

Directory Based Edge Blocking is an excellent feature that was available with FOPE which added an additional layer of security to your Mail routing topology ensuring that your Inbound E-mail routing is secure and your organization is receiving E-mails only for legitimate users.

Microsoft tend to discontinue already existing products and release new products as alternatives which are likely to be called as an enhanced version of the old ones which provides some more core functionality than it's predecessor and in vain few existing features were either modified or discontinued and brings some pain points among the customers to upgrade or adopt to the newer products and at a later stage based on customer feedback they are validated and included back to the newer products.

Once such above said fact is over the new Exchange Online Protection (EOP) the alternative product for Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE), Microsoft team already started to upgrade customers with FOPE to EOP in O365 as a part of their Wave 15 Service Upgrade. And also they started to notify customers who are using Stand alone FOPE to transition to new EOP.

Organization already Implemented Directory Based Edge Blocking with FOPE need to rely on the Exchange Transport rules post transition to EOP.  You can review the comparison article here to know more on the feature differences and when you check the Directory Based Edge Blocking section you'll get to know on what I said earlier.

Based on the Customer feedback Microsoft Team is planning to bring this feature back to EOP soon and updated this through their new EHLO blog post today and also the alternatives we can adopt to get the similar experience till we get this feature enabled. Hope we get this feature soon.

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Additionally read this below post to know how this Directory Based Edge Blocking feature is enabled with Exchange O365 Hybrid deployment with FOPE for clear understanding

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