Sunday, October 27, 2013

Which cloud is right for you?

In continuation to my Hybrid Cloud series where I am writing posts and sharing information with the discussions and events happening in Today's IT world towards the future with Hybrid Cloud being the most prominent option for Cloud deployment, Here comes one more post today.

 I came across an excellent post from BMC Software company on their Cloud Computing Forum View Point on Cloud written by Herb VanHook, Vice President, CTO Office, BMC Software on planning for the best Cloud Technology to adopt amongst the variety of Cloud options available in the Market and choose which one is best according to you needs by knowing what they are and their pros and cons.

Access the Post here: Which cloud is right for you?

Additionally Take a look at the free webinar on Hybrid cloud from BMC Cloud Experts to know more

Access the webinar here : Hybrid solutions beyond VM acceleration

Additional Bytes:

Recently found a new article from Talkin' Cloud Forum over the choice of adopting the Cloud computing which offers both Virtual and Bare Metal dedicated servers based on your requirement and their Pros and cons explained nicely.

Take a quick look here : Virtual or Bare Metal Dedicated Cloud: Which Option is Right for You?

*Also have a quick look at the below ZDnet post

Public, Private or Hybrid? What are YOUR Cloud choices?
Hybrid solutions beyond VM acceleration
Hybrid solutions beyond VM acceleration
Hybrid solutions beyond VM acceleration

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