Monday, October 14, 2013

Microsoft Insights 2013

What is your role in IT after 5-10 years from now ? How many of us can answer this question now with the drastic changes happening in the IT Industry day by day. Every day new Technology emerges and its really hard to learn all of them at once and make ourselves expertise. So, what would be the best career path to adopt for our future growth in IT as an Experienced candidate? and What about the new IT Pros who have chosen their career as IT and standing at the early stages of their career?

To answer all these questions and lead you to the right direction Microsoft Virtual Academy team has organized the Microsoft Insights 2013 online event this October 29th with an interactive Expert panel discussion on emerging opportunities in technology, the earning potential they represent, and the skills required to excel. Discover the training and resources available to prepare for the next step in your career and a rewarding future.

Get yourself Registered Today here :  Microsoft Insights 2013

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