Friday, October 11, 2013

Tony's Advice to New IT Pro's

Technology is changing everyday and new opportunities are increasing in various domains day by day and the same way competitions also increases. Being in the IT industry about 5 + years now at the early stages of my career I have seen many drastic changes the way Technology used to be from the day one to till date.

When some new comer is trying to get in to IT Industry he requires few skills handy and we can even call this as a prerequisite to begin their career path and as always it's good to know what these skills are from the Experts and provide it to the new folks once they approach us for advice and guide them appropriately to get them aligned with the Technology at the earliest.

I wrote this Post today in my blog because of the Latest post I saw from none other than our Tony Redmond on his Tony Redmond's Exchange Unwashed Blog in WindowsITPro website. I follow Tony on twitter and read all of his posts here and also on his official Thoughts of an Idle Mind blog. Every time I read his posts I get some rich information in the Technology and it enhances my skills and by same way I tend to share it with others.

This post is a excellent one in which he explains about the Skills that a new IT Pro should acquire once he enters in to the Industry and choose his career path accordingly. I would request all the new IT Pro's and also all the Experienced Technical members who visit my blog to read this information and share it with new aspiring people they know who are about to get in to the Industry to give them a heads-up on what they need to learn and prepare themselves before they face the challenges and start a bright full IT Career.

Read the post here: Skills for new people coming into a Windows infrastructure shop

Once again great Thanks to Tony for this Excellent Motivational article.

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