Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Windows PowerShell Web Access

Windows Server 2012 has brought in many great features with its release and one such remarkable feature is the ability to use PowerShell on the fly with the Windows PowerShell Web Access.

Windows PowerShell Web Access acts as a Windows PowerShell gateway, providing a web-based Windows PowerShell console that is targeted at a remote computer. This feature enables you to run Windows PowerShell commands and scripts from a Windows PowerShell console in a web browser.

Windows PowerShell Web Access runs only on Windows Server 2012. It is not available on earlier versions of Windows Server products. However, you can use the web-based Windows PowerShell console the gateway provides on any client device's browser that supports JavaScript® and accepts cookies.

More information is available in the below TechNet article on how to setup this feature on Windows Server 2012

Install and Use Windows PowerShell Web Access

Once you check the article you will see lot of steps mentioned to follow to enable this feature and its quite understandable, that it requires lot of time to read and understand each one of the steps involved for a successful deployment.

To make your work easier check this below post from Windows PowerShell Blog which provides you visual experience of deploying this feature through Video workshop from Microsoft which can be downloaded for Offline viewing.

Basic installation guide for Windows PowerShell Web Access

Finally, You can check one more great article posted in Aviraj Ajgekar Blog by author Aviraj Ajgekar from Microsoft where he clearly explains the steps involved to get this feature setup through a real time experience on his Lab environment and documented all the steps excellently for the readers to understand and perform a successful deployment

* One more new post from Exchange Ranger Blog on the topic with step by step instructions to install and configure Powershell Web Access at ease.

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