Sunday, September 01, 2013

Outlook Performance Troubleshooting

Every Exchange Admins major headache in terms of providing user experience at all times is the Outlook client performance, When we check the Server end every thing will be perfect but user will still complain that Outlook performance is low and we cannot suggest the user all times to create a new outlook profile ,check other machine etc., with out identifying the underlying issue which makes user to report a bad end user experience.

To over come all these we need to know how to identify the issue whether it is caused due to Exchange server or user PC performance and conclude the issue and update user with actual cause and work towards the resolution.

I was reading some blog posts and come across a wonderful article created by Exchange Senior Consultant Neil Johnson on Outlook client Performance troubleshooting and came to know the inbuilt features that can assist us in identifying the issue and resolve it at the earliest. This article is applicable for both On premise and O365 environment.

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