Monday, September 02, 2013

Hybrid Routing - Pointing your MX record to the Cloud

In O365 Hybrid environment we have options to choose the transport routing and either set the MX record to point to Cloud or point to On premise server.

By choosing the option of pointing your MX to Cloud which is termed as "MX record-to-cloud” routing, we can take the advantage of FOPE for message hygiene which gives additional layer of spam control features for the emails that reach your cloud and on premise organization.

More detailed description is available in the Microsoft O365 Wiki forums under the topic Hybrid Routing - Pointing your MX record to the Cloud

Read the article here :

 This article is a great resource where it outlines the difference between using a Centralized shared address space and De-centralized shared address space, steps required to configure this option and its benefits in detail.

Now, After the O365 Service upgrade we no longer have FOPE and it's now replaced by EOP (Exchange Online Protection)

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