Sunday, September 15, 2013

PortQry Tool to check your Port Status

When working with either Exchange Server or Lync Server or any other Server that use defined ports for communication, issues could occurs to end users when certain port is not opened or blocked due to firewall or other potential causes that make the service to go down and it becomes the Admin Responsibility to identify the root cause and fix it at the earliest.

Most of us will start to investigate by resolving the name of the affected server or the required record in DNS, then telnet to the target machine from the affected machine using the required port and identify where the issue is and then proceed with the troubleshooting.

This Post is about one of the Utility available from Microsoft called PortQry that comes in both Command line utility and also in UI format that helps us in the above said identification of open ports on the target machine at ease and we can access this utility and specify the Server IP address or FQDN and either select from the predefined Queries or provide the port that you need to verify the status and query for results. It will check both TCP and UDP ports based on your selection and give you the results.To add, one good use of this tool is we can export/save  the Query results and view it offline and analyze for issues.

Since this is a pretty old tool the default queries are not updated to the new server requirements and does not helps us much and we can use the manual specification option and provide the ports that we want to check separated from one another in the input and check the results . I wanted to share over this utility as this was not known much to us to and add it to our available list of troubleshooting  utilities.

You can download the utility from here :

To show you the tool functionality I tested the port 443 connectivity of Lync online from my machine.

Update: Check the below post from flinchbot blog to add Lync ports under the predefined Queries list for testing.

Read here:  PortQueryUI Config.xml File for Lync

Additional Bytes:

Most common and the best troubleshooting utility for analyzing most of the issue is Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool which supports both On premise and O365 environments.

Test Link :

Also we have one more tool called TRIPP (Transport Reliability IP Probe) available for testing Lync Online through which we can perform tests to identify the required ports are either open or blocked along with few other vital tests.
Preview of Test results

Test Link :

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