Friday, September 13, 2013

A Vital Lync Script for Admins!

We can utilize the help of Lync power shell Module to manage multiple tasks on a  Lync Server 2010/2013 environment. Every Admin will do different tasks to gather reports and one of the best approach is to collect the report with the help of automated scripts which makes our job easier though it require complex coding when we develop the script and test it and successfully execute for the desired output.

This blog post is on one of the vital Lync script developed by Renowned Lync Server MVP Pat Richard and posted in his blog Ehlo World!

Pat writes many great posts on Lync and Exchange server products which ideally assists us in learning the technology and explore the inner working of the products and also his posts provides us with various utilities and troubleshooting articles which help us to get adequate Knowledge on the product and to manage the environment efficiently.

Let's get in to the topic, The vital script I am referring to is the Get-CsConnections.ps1 script which is an excellent script that typically provides us the details of users connected to a particular Lync pool with which we can identify how the load is shared between the FE servers along with specific report generating information like which user connected to which pool and how many active connections user hold and also the client through which user is connected etc.,

I used this script prior to this updated version in Lync server 2010 Environment which was really useful and now the script is updated to provide some more enhanced results 

Read the post to know more and download the script

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