Friday, September 06, 2013

Lync - Maximum Followers Reached !

I believe with this post title it gives an impression that Lync product has reached the maximum followers but in vain its an issue caused within the Lync Environment.

I recently ran in to this issue which made me write this blog post, In an Corporate Environment every user will add the other user related to their work either Internal or External as a contact to their contact list in both Outlook and Lync client. Compared to Outlook with Lync client the possibility of adding users is quite less and by default it is set to 200 users . How this 200 users is calculated it quite a bit tricky and its clearly explained in the Microsoft KB Article and related Technet blog post.

Lync contact card includes the message - Maximum Followers Reached

What to do if you are too popular?

Here's the exact view of the message,

Once user reaches over this default limit other user will not be able to see their presence in the Lync contact card, instead of displaying the current user availability status it shows as "Maximum Followers Reached"and shown in above pic,when some other user who has added this user either sign-out of Lync or removing this user from their contact list eventually makes the count to go down below the default limit and user presence is shown again, but this is not the ideal solution to make a user remove this user from their contact list or wait for other users to sign-out of their Lync Client.


As stated in the article its possible to overcome this issue by increasing the values from the default limit for MaxPromptedSubscriber and MaxCategorySubscription parameters using the CsPresence Policy cmdlets. This is applicable for Lync 2010/2013 Environments and for  Lync Online dedicated and O365 Environments the default policy is set to 250 subscribers.

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