Sunday, September 01, 2013

Exchange Server 2010 Cross Forest Delegation

Every Exchange Admin is aware about the term Cross Forest migration and when it comes to migration we tend to follow a detailed process documented in Technet. There will be scenarios when we have cross forest Exchange organization, and we need to provide cross forest delegation, i.e. User A in one organization will have User B in other organization as his delegate.


Assigning a outlook delegate is not a big deal when it comes to granting access to users exist in the same organization, but ideally its a bigger challenge when we want to grant access to another user belong to a different organization.

When reading the Technet blog found one more excellent post from Exchange Server Senior Consultant Neil Johnson on this topic of providing Cross forest delegation in Exchange Server 2010 described in detail with the steps to be followed and the requirements to accomplish this task successfully.

Read this post to know more

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