Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Cross-premises Calendar Editing in Hybrid Exchange

When you are planning for Office 365 Hybrid deployment you need to consider many factors in terms of design and deployment and also we need to concentrate on other primary factors that will limit users ability in terms of their email management.

One such vital part is calendar management and when we migrate users to O365 in a Hybrid environment we tend to leave few users On premise and rest to the Cloud. At this stage their calendar permissions will not work they as before and users in On premise organization cannot manage or edit the calendar in Cloud and the same vice versa.

Also On premise user cannot have a Cloud user added as his delegate and a Cloud user cannot have a On premise user as his delegate, if user needs to have delegate functionality then both user mailboxes should be either On premise or Cloud.

More information is available in the below MS Article

Cross-premises Calendar editing is unavailable in a hybrid deployment of Exchange Online in Office 365 and on-premises Exchange Server

Review the below TechNet article when you Plan for your Hybrid deployment, which talks on the above topic and much more in detail.

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