Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why Microsoft ?

Microsoft is a world leader in providing Information Technology Solutions and it's products have became a part of our lives for years. Also the best thing about Microsoft is they continue to improvise their existing products, develop new products and provide innovative solutions which meets the requirements and standards at all levels.

So you can think why do I ask this question "Why Microsoft ?" most of you know this answer and also have different views in answering this question, but my intention is not to get answers for this well known question and it's about introducing you to the Microsoft website called  "Why Microsoft"  this website is quite there for some time but most of us either did not get a chance to know on this or didn't get chance to review the website in detail to know more on Microsoft products and their future Roadmap.

Web Link :

Recently in twitter I started to follow this website and was amazed where in every day I used to get some updates from Microsoft and tweets that take me to the website's pages that provides rich technical White Papers, Great articles which describes Microsoft products and their enhanced features in comparison with its Competitors in the Technology Market and much more.


Twitter Link :

For your quick preview, access the below post from this website where they compare the feature differences between PowerPoint Web App vs. Google Slides

I receive great deal of information every day so I wanted my readers to get to know on this and review the great website and also follow it on twitter and utilize the benefits to know more on Microsoft products and stay up to date with the Technology.

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