Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lync Server 2010 Architecture Poster

Lync Server 2010 Protocols Workloads poster is available for download from Microsoft which typically assists us in understanding how the workload is shared between different Lync Server roles in terms of all aspects of communication from normal Instant Messaging, Web Conferencing to advanced Federation and Enterprise Voice.

In general, If some one wants to know how a real time Lync Server 2010 Architecture would be in simple terms, then we will not refer them to this Workloads poster. and either we need to search for some Reference Topologies from Technet or create our own Visio Diagram, to make things easier I took Screen shot of a Lync Server Architecture diagram or I would call it as a poster from one of the Lync Teched Session delivered by none other than our Lync Expert Rui Maximo long back. and found the same today while organizing my Lync Materials and wanted to share it to my readers through this post.

This Poster is quite simple and great where it clearly explains how the Lync Server 2010 Architecture would be in a nutshell. Also I have uploaded the same to the ZoomIt site for your ease of viewing.

Check the poster here : http://zoom.it/4fyY

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