Sunday, September 01, 2013

Office 365 SSO Content Map

When moving to Office 365 our major concern is on the Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for users and we can accomplish with the help of ADFS server and also Dirsync which plays a major role in synching our On premise Objects from Active directory to Cloud Azure directory.

Now we have latest version of Dirsync tool available which is having the capability of making the user to use the same password they use in On premise to access Cloud resources with the help of Password Hash mechanism inbuilt in a non ADFS deployment. In a Hybrid deployment scenario true SSO experience can be achieved by deploying ADFS Server.

 Lets understand what are the importance of SSO and how to achieve this in the O365 Environment with the help of the Office 365 SSO Content Roadmap, This Road map gives you links to various resources under a single window from where you can navigate to a Topic on which you need to learn and understand and plan your deployment and further more.

Office 365 SSO Content Roadmap

Additional Bytes

In addition to the above Road Map review this below blog post on ADFS FAQs to know more on ADFS Server which answers all our Queries over ADFS and a very great resource for understanding the ADFS in nutshell.

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