Friday, September 27, 2013

PowerShell Basics

Today I visited WindowsITPro website and saw this latest post " PowerShell Basics: Formatting "  by Windows PowerShell MVP Jeffry Hicks, where he clearly explains what are the different formatting cmdlets available with the PowerShell, what they do, with real time demo which clearly explains their usage and provide us adequate knowledge on choosing the right formatting cmdlet on a requirement and also provides us the guideline to use the formatting cmdlets while executing with Scripts appropriately .

Formatting play a vital role when we execute any PowerShell cmdlet for viewing the results in an appropriate way, I read this post and it was really great, I wanted to thank Jeff for this excellent post and also share the same to my readers.

Also you can check other great posts from Jeff posted in the WindowsITPro website to lean more on Power Shell Basics and gain adequate knowledge in working with PowerShell.

Read the post here:


Additionally review the below Excellent post from Jeff to begin your PowerShell learning.

Review Here: Essential PowerShell Resources

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